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The Market
$6 billion spent on diets per year.

45 million Americans diet every year. 25 million women binge.

Women love romance almost as much as food.

After distribution, gather companies and organizations to endorse the movie and its message to teens and adults; particularly the companies mentioned or shown in the movie.

Kraft Foods, Hershey, Starbucks, Coca Cola, DC Comics, Cumberland Packing, Costco, and the City of Chicago

Two thirds of our country is overweight. Obesity and eating disorders are still on the rise.

Of all mental illnesses, eating disorders represent the highest cause of death.
Surprise Me! is a romantic comedy about a surprise party planner who hates surprises. The plot is detailed below, but first
My Mission
Be the first romantic comedy to address emotional eating and bingeing; what's really behind it, why that's so important to know, and how it affects our decisions, our lives, and love.

Make it funny, honest, and deep. Develop a character that women watch and say, “That's me!” Hold them and don't let them go. Use Chicago to make a really pretty movie because the issues behind food can feel dark.
The Plot
What if pain was merely a setup for the ultimate surprise party... and binges were hidden clues? Genie is a surprise party planner who hates surprises. Her partner Steven calls her out on every issue she owns. Danny would be perfect for her but she keeps him in the friend zone. Along comes Jeff. Everything she avoids—until now.

Meanwhile, Surprise Enterprise is hired by an anonymous Hollywood producer to throw a surprise wedding for his girlfriend. Genie must get her down the aisle without telling her she’s the bride. Jeff wants a commitment. Danny’s girlfriend is super annoying. Cookies and cereal summon Genie every night with a vengeance. In the end, Genie discovers that with life, with love, and crazy cravings, what’s real in life screams...SURPRISE!
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